Thursday, 23 April 2009


I have been stitchin' some new prims for spring..I have added a couple of pics to let you see what I have been up to..If you check out my slideshow all my new prims are preview here and available on my website ..The weather in the U.K has been barmy this last couple of weeks and it does kind of make you think and hope that this is NOT our summer just yet... Sadly I have had to close my POPPY SHOPPE due to the currant financial climate and will be now offering my special OOAK items on my picturetrail..these items will NOT be available on my site..This album will be coming soon..I will keep you updated about that though..Hope everyone is keeping well..*~*BLESSINGS*~* XX..

Saturday, 11 April 2009


I would just like to wish you all *~*HAPPY EASTER*~*..I have been out of action a while with my blogging terrible really but today I thought I would like to share our dyed egg pics..My son Elliot he is 7 and I have made them.. We covered our eggs with onion peelings and wrapped them in paper boiling them gently for an hour...When they cooled abit we opened them up and WOW they look great..We then polished them up with a touch of butter to make them nice and shiny...Tomorow the whole family will go up the hill at the back of the house and roll them down..It is such fun :).... Finley my youngest son is 6 tomorrow so add excitement...will post some pics..I have as always been making new prims and hope to get some pics done and my website updated in the next couple of days..Enough of my rambling enjoy your weekend..*~*Blessings*~* Angi XX