Saturday, 27 April 2013



I just wanted to share this.. Makes me feel like spring is finally here..

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.. *~* Blessings*~*


Sunday, 14 April 2013



I wanted to share with you my most recent make-over.. Like I have said before my style is changing to a more simple faded look.. I still have my old furniture and some prim goods which all seem to blend with my new simple style.. I would love to do my whole house at once but as usual money and time pulls on my reigns LOL.. I have been planning my bedroom for a while and making and collecting over the past few weeks.. A long weekend off from my day job enabled me the time and energy to complete my ROMANTIC PRAIRIE style bedroom..

I love the white natural look it is so crisp and clean looking but didn't want it to look too bland wishy washy and cold so I chose red as my accent colour and wow it just makes all the difference.. I do hope you enjoy my pics..


I would also like to share a couple of pics of the ATTIC BEARS I have available on ebay this week.. Just click on my ebay link on the side-bar to see more pics..

Finally Spring seems to be in the air and it so makes me want to brush out the dust and spruce up my home LOL.. Well paint brushes at the ready I am off to the kitchen next.. *~*blessings to all*~*