Monday, 30 April 2012



I have had a trashy weekend so wanted to share what I have been making today... We had a few problems with the bathroom revamp so as much as I wanted too I cannot share pics just yet... well everything can't go smoothly and to top it off all 3 boys have been struck down with a tummy bug..YUK.. Today they are still off school but well on the mend so I have been able to do some crafting.. Like I said in my last post the boys new room decor is going to be simple, country with a vintage twist.. Hard to explain really but I can see it in my head LOL.. . I have a few vintage burlap sacks in my stash and wanted to make a simple rug.. I trawled the net looking for a tutorial and found the perfect one.. Here is the link
I contacted Jane to ask if I could share her tutorial and she sent back a lovely email with a great tip.. The rugs can be very light and slippery on hard floors so she suggested putting some non slip underlay beneath the rug.. I actually glued that to mine with spray adhesive which gives it a heavier feel and now makes it non-slip..
My rug turned out fantastic and I know it will look wonderful in the new bedroom.. Next on my list was a few more grubby cream painted boxes.. These will be on their way to new homes soon..
Last but not least a sweet simple hanging heart which I made to cheer a friend up as she was having a bad day.. She is not really into prims but I know this will look lovely in her home.. It is nice to just put a smile on someones face and let them know you care..
that's all for today and I had better get my nurses outfit back on and look after these boys..hope everyone has a great week *~*Blessings*~*

Monday, 23 April 2012



I so wanted to share this very sweet prim Teddy Bear.. I cannot take credit for the actual design this goes to Cat Maessen a wonderful bear designer and all I had to do was put my owm prim stamp on him... I so loved making him and he turned out just great.. He will be looking for a new home and will be available on ebay tomorrow evening U.K time..


My home renovations are coming along nicely and I now have a wonderful family bathroom which is just waiting for me to paint and decorate this wednesday.. Sadly work is keeping from that task so far this week LOL but I will definaitly have pics to share over the weekend.. The boys' new bedroom now has 4 walls 2 windows and roof lights so coming together only a couple more weeks and they can move in.. Which they can't wait to do.. We have had fun shopping for it though and as they have chosen their beds, flooring and bedding they have felt part of the design team.. I have strict instruction though NO PRIMS OR DOLLS.. But being a woman with many ways have steered them towards a more simple look without the Aliens, Dr Who and Monster truck posters LOL.. I can't wait to share...

Hope everyone is having a good week *~*Blessings*~*



Sunday, 15 April 2012



Welcome and come check out the BIG BEAR SALEwhich is now open on my SELLING BLOG just click the link on my side bar.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.. *~*Blessings*~*



Saturday, 14 April 2012



I have been working towards this for a while.. Any spare time I have had I made up another special bear or bunny and popped them in the SALE basket... They are all finished now and ready to go off to new homes..

SALE starts SUNDAY 15th at 7 pm (GMT/U.K) time on my SELLING on my sidebar..

It is on a first come first served bases and price includes shipping..

All bears and bunny's are made from a plush fabric and heavily weighted for an authentic feel.. They have been made to look old and dirty and are not suitable for children.. A very teasing sneek peek below and not giving to much away..X

Hope to see a few of you over at my sale tomorrow evening..*~*Blessings*~*



Thursday, 12 April 2012



Today I received the most wonderful email and I wanted to share it with you all ;

"Hello Angi!
I am your italian fan and write from Venice, the city where I live.
I recently bought in Patternmart your pattern: Sitting Hare Pin-keep.
As your request in the pattern, I send a photo of my work.
I sew the rabbit on a light white cotton velvet, and I have aged with coffee.
The little cart is made by me with old wooden.
Not having wheels so small I thought to put the vintage wood buttons.
I hope you like this.
This afternoon I public the rabbit on my blog
and I give you credit as the designer. Thanks for stop by me!
I'm very happy to made this beautiful pincushion!
Please, in your blog I have seen an other work
that interest me too much, you can send me please with e-patterns?
I can pay with paypal.
The name is: Bear Pull Toy. I never seen this in your catalog.
I'm very interested too to: Prairie Bonnet Collection, but I think I can buy this pattern in pattermart.
I wait
your response and in the meantime I offer my congratulations for your work and thank you for your understanding.
I do not speak your language and Google translates for me. :)
Have you a great day!!
Hugs from Italy_Venice
Nadia "

here is a pic of Nadia's finished Hare pinkeep

I think she did the most wonderful job and as this was a freebie pattern a few weeks back I am sure a few more Hare Pinkeeps will be hopping around the world now LOL.. After all the issues this past week with pattern designers On FB I hope this post just goes to show why it is all worth while and why we as designers share our work through patterns... ENJOY YOUR DAY FELLOW BLOGGERS..XX



Tuesday, 10 April 2012



I have finally getting around to finishing off my MAKEOVER CHAIR 2.. I started by painting the chair black and then applied a crackle finish using a mix of white and burnt umber paint and when it was all dry I sanded it in places and generously rubbed in some antique wax.. I had a piece of vintage linen and used this to cover the seat pad.. I love how it has turned out and will be putting it in my bedroom.. it has a lovely romantic antique worn look...

I am having a well earned holiday this week and the renovation work in my home is coming together nicely.. The best bits for me this week will be choosing my bathroom + the flooring and thinking about the decor.. It of course will have a country prim finish LOL.. I am looking forward to sharing pics with you all..
I have a few stitchin' projects on the go and have been working towards a big bear and bunny sale which will be on my selling blog soon.. I hope everyone has had a wonderful time this Easter...*~* Blessings to all*~*




Monday, 2 April 2012



Whilst out doing my normal day to day shop I often pop into my local charity/junk/thrift shop to see if they have any potential goodies in.. I spotted right at the back of the shop a couple of wooden armchairs.. As we are remodelling quite a bit of my country home I thought these would be fantastic with a MAKEOVER of course in my new family sewing area (will share pics of this soon).. I made the purchase a mere £5 around $7 each and loaded them into my car...

I must admit these were very grim to the untrained eye..
Off came the brown velour seat and I got right down to painting on 2 coats of black acrylic paint..
Whilst waiting for that to dry off I hunted out one of my vintage coffee sacks to make the seat cover..
Finally I sanded back the black in places that would have shown natural wear and tear and then rubbed in some Antiquing wax and buffed...
Lastly I replaced the seat and screwed it back inplace and added one of my most favourite Cinnamon Creek Bears..MAKEOVER COMPLETE.. Now this can be placed in it's new family sewing area..It looks perfect..I still have another one to do but have different ideas for that one LOL..
I hope you liked my armchair makeover with the vintage twist..*~*Have a great week and blessings to all*~*