Sunday, 31 January 2010


I will be listing these little guys around 5pm GMT..I have such fun doing things for ebay..They are mostly OOAK's as I just make them up as I go along LOL...

Enjoy your Sunday..*~*Blessings to all*~*Angi XX

OOPS forgot to say just click my link EBAY AUCTION further up the page to view..

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I remember when I made my first prim doll and I just couldn't stop making them...Well over the years I have done a couple of bears but they have just grabbed me this time and I can't stop making them LOL...Plus I want to share them around now as the last ones I selfishly kept for myself...they come to life and I have trouble parting with them you see HEHE...

This is a must for Easter ..would be fab with a basket full of eggs...XX

OH MY this is just way to cute..she is just screaming LOVE ME...

A lovely little tuck...

OH YES and I just can't resist my first love DOLLS DOLLS DOLLS
Until next time *~*Blessings*~* Angi XX

Saturday, 23 January 2010

A NEW YEARS promise to be a better blogger LOL


Well I hope everyone is well and happy...I have been a real poor blogger and I am making a promise to be great this year keeping you all updated with my "GOING ONS"....Since my last blog I have been busy with my family and their various activities then we had Christmas and the worse snow weather we have had in the last 10 years...We were snowed under for 2wks isolated in a rural area we are always prepared with plenty of food and other supplies so no worries there..I did busy myself with some designing and have added some pics of them..I must add that thank goodies for the WWW as it kept me in touch and my new prims all got new homes real quick...I have gone a bit BEAR mad over the last few weeks and have had great fun creating and making..Everyone seems to come to life and have a character of their own...

I have still been doing a few dolls too..they are my passion and I have had great pleasure creating these know when an idea just wakes you in the night and then you dream of it..this is them...XX

This OLDE TIME BEAR is a real special one I have had to keep him at home...He sits in front of my stool stack in the bedroom..

Another one for first standing bear for my hallway..

Well my promise has been made and I would like to send you all a *~*Blessing*~*...Angi XX