Monday, 12 August 2013

The simple things


A few simple displays from around my home.. I love daisy's big and small.. Just thinking this sweet little elephant is so prim but fits in perfectly..

A wooden box bursting with vintage games pieces..
My most favourite Bear and vintage chair..

I hope you have enjoyed these simple pics.. Have a great week..


Thursday, 8 August 2013



In the five year plan my hubby had for our home a Veranda was well up on the list along with some other changes he wanted to do.. So after a large project he completed on the main part of the house last year he took pencil to paper at Easter and sketched a few ideas down.. He quickly got underway and dug the foundations..

This is the frame up and first stage of the roof.. The windows and slates came next
The floor and baulistrad came next..
Fun part for me now.. Dressing this wonderful space..



We wanted a swinging seat and so hubby once again had to design and make one.. It is simply perfect



I had to share this.. In the old barn there was some old horse irons and we made this great hanging candle light.. So pretty at night..
This is the most wonderful place to sit in the garden we all just love it and have sat here every evening this summer.. Glad you have stopped by..

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