Thursday, 29 March 2012



Whilst skipping around blogland the other evening reading my fav blogs I came across a great fun tutorial from PAM at OUR PIONEER HOMESTEAD... have had the papermache boxes kicking around for a while and also a brown advertising bag which I just photocopied and then tore off a few selected labels.. I think they look fantasticaly prim also pictured are some grubby fabric covered eggs I have been doing for a simple Easter display..

Now for something with a vintage twist..My youngest son has been studying about WW2 at school this last half-term and the effects it had on the children who were evacuated to the country from the cities often seperated from their families and loved ones... To end their project all the children in school dressed up as evacuees today and I must say looked fantastic..
This is Finley my youngest son.
And these are my grandbabies. Christoper and Evie
I hope you will agree they look like they just stepped out of the 1940s..
Hope everyone is having a great week..*~*Blessings to all*~*



Sunday, 25 March 2012



I just love to make prims and love to share them too... This sweet Springtime bunny has been waiting patiently to go off to a new home and in time for Easter too...
I normally get my son to do the draw for me but well boys are boys and he just left me the instructions as he was off out to footie... On to the computer the names all went and a number beside for each added entry..
A simple tap of the shuffle button...drum roll please LOL..
A TAP OF THE PICK BUTTON and more drums please..
I would like to thank everyone who entered my draw and please pop back soon to see what I have been up to and creating...*Blessings to all*


Sunday, 18 March 2012



To all those special people in our lives or hearts.. Here's wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day from the U.K..

I am spending my Mothers Day having a large family Sunday lunch and all my children will be here and my grandbabies.. A lovely day ahead.. Hope your day is special too..*Blessings to all*



Saturday, 10 March 2012



Hi to all my blog friends and followers..It seems so so long since I offered a freebie giveaway..lately I have been having great fun making prim furries bears and bunnies and with starting my new job I seem to have so much more energy for my prims which I do in my spare time and so would love to offer this great little prim *SPRINGTIME EASTER BUNNY* signed and dated as a giveaway..He is around 7" sitting and made from a grubby plush fabric.. I used a great pattern from my dear FB friend Sandy Holt to create him.. He is holding a prim beeswax chocolate scented egg and has a SRINGTIME tag around his neck.. This would greatly enhance any prim Easter decor.. DRAWN ON SUNDAY 25TH MARCH (the start of british summertime) open to everyone who cares to enter and to have a possible 4 entries complete the steps below:

1. Follow this blog..

2. Post on FB..

3. Add this to your side-bar..

4. Do a post about this giveaway..

5. Finally leave a comment here letting me know how many steps you have complete..

ON EBAY THIS WEEK.. at the low start price of 99p A grubby ole Easter sitting bunny+basket'o' the link on my side-bar..

A real grubby white bunny 7" sitting and made from a plush fabric with a basket of real guail eggs(blown out of course).. A wonderful bunny for your Easter displays..

Glad you popped by to visit and hope you entered the giveaway..have a wonderful weekend and *Blessings to you*..




Thursday, 8 March 2012




I have had one of those hang around mornings waiting for a building inspection all to do with our extension couldn't stray far from the bunnies were put on hold and all my chores were done..What to do I was asking myself..

Now last year I saw a tutorial on a blog whilst hopping about and thought then I must try that..well living in the U.K sometimes has it draw backs like NOT being able to get the supplies needed for a project you are desperate to try LOL..I searched and searched for the Krylon mirror paint needed and drew a blank each time..every now and then I would undertake another search until finally a scored big time and found the much needed mirror paint..YIPPEE I was thrilled..

To create an antique effect mirror all you need is: KRYLON MIRROR PAINT..WATER IN A SPRITZER AND OF COURSE A FRAME WITH GLASS..

I bought this great door style frame in the summer but just never wanted to put pics into it..this was perfect..
Remove the glass and clean it to remove any grease residue..
Next spritz the glass with water and spray a fine layer with your krylon mirror paint..I did 2 fine coats..leave to dry about an hour..
Replace glass into frame..the back of my frames were black which was perfect as this showed through the paint giving it a real antique look..On the tutorial I saw they used patterned fabric which gave a very different vintage look..nice though..
Lastly I found a little old key to push in the faux lock and a little wax scented heart..
My new makeover antique mirror was done and is now hanging in our shower/wetroom..and I love it..I am now on the lookout for a very large picture frame or an old window so I can create something similar for our family bathroom which is getting a makeover along with the extension..
Well after that the buildings man still hadn't shown up so on the laptop I went and made a new banner for my blog following Brenda's instructions..I just wanted something simple for the Easter season with a well wish for you all..I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial..*Blessings to you all*


Sunday, 4 March 2012


Just a quick post to let you all know I have a prim illness called BUNNY FEVER LOL..I just can't stop..I have a few days off work before I start a couple of night shifts so I will be stitchin' up like crazy and bunnies are the order of the day..I love making them and Easter gives me the right excuse..

A few of my handmades for ebay this week..

I would much prefer a Bunny in an Easter sack than an Easter egg this year..she smells divine too..

These are my favourite at the mo so so grubby and the egg smells of chocolate too..not a lb to be put on with this Easter egg LOL..
I have so wanted to try this for a while adding a graphic face to my prims and boy did this turn out really great..So prim


Thats it for this week so far..lots to come..*Blessings to all*



Friday, 2 March 2012

A* BLAST *from the past


Not being a computer whizz I feel when I achieve something new in the computer world I deserve a big pat on the back... I was lucky enough at Christmas to receive the pressie of my dreams an Apple Ipad2 and love using it..Whilst surfing my favourite blogs the other night the blogsy app was highly recomended.. Off to the App store I went and downloaded it..This is my first post made from it.. It has taken me quite a while and while only having some real old past pics on my picasso account I have added a couple..

This great little HARE-PULLTOY which is available as a pattern on my website..
Another ELEPHANT PULL-TOY these little fellows are so so small..
One of my most favourite patterns to date a sweet AMISH DOLL AND HER DOLLY..
I always love making up designs by my favourite artists too..

A really prim little Bear hanger..
Finally my last little RABBIT PIN-KEEP PULLTOY
Well the draft is all done and I must say I am a little nervous clicking the post button but well here goes..fingers crossed now..*~*Thank you all for popping by and Blessings to all*~*