Sunday, 26 February 2012


When the weather gets warmer and the days a bit longer you feel like throwing open the windows and having a good old clean..Well that was me today what a way to spend your day off LOL...whilst in my backyard this morning I found some miniature daffodils starting to bloom so I brought them in to display on my kitchen table..what to put them in I thought just perfect an old heart shaped cake tin...On the window I filled an old basket with some Geraniums which are just starting to grow too..I thought I would share these simple displays with you all...

 I added a couple of my favourite bunnies just to finish them off..
 This week I bought a wonderful pattern from Sandy Holt and couldn't wait to make it up..Another little job on my TODO list this morning so after I had finished doing the clean and playing around with displays I set about making him up and I am thrilled how he has turned out..just so prim perfect and would look fantastic this Easter along side an old basket filled with eggs...gunna have to make one specially for me I think..this one in the pics is offered up on ebay this the link on my side-bar for more pics..

 And just to finish off the day and my feelings of Spring with things starting to grow and the onset of lambing time low and behold one of my sweet guinea pigs finally gave birth to five gorgeous balls of fur..she was around a week overdue so it was a waiting game for us all..In the pic she is giving birth and only 4 little babies present..the boys sat in awe and watched her talking to her to give her encouragement LOL and now they can't wait to pick them up and give them a cuddle..
Oh life is good and I hope it is with you too..*~*Blessings to all*~*

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Just a quick post this week..I had made a few prim little bears this week and after trawling through my little drawers and boxes of treasure (junk) for some charms to add to them I had drawn a blank and they were just sat there all naked on my work station waiting to be adorned..after reading through some of my favourite blogs I had a lightbulb moment..I was cyber visiting with my sweet friend Christine at and she was sharing her love of the strawberry fobs or emery's and had made some lovely ones..These were just perfect so today I got right to it and made a few..I added some rusty bits to mine and I hope you agree this is the most perfect little charm for my tiny prim bear...Made from a civil war red print with a green wool top and vintage button to finish it off and grubbied to perfection...

 ♥This little bear is available on ebay this week just click the link on my sidebar to view lots of pics..♥
My next project this week was my first *EASTER BUNNY RABBIT* for 2012
I have loved the little patch rabbits I had seen on various websites and FB for a while and thought I would have a go at creating one..I had purchased a lovely prim grubby bunny pattern from my dear friend Maureen at a while back and used this to create my sweet meadow Easter bunny...

I then added a prim beeswax Easter egg charm with the strong scent of chocolate to go around his neck..just love how this fellow turned out..He is available on ebay this week so pop to the sidebar link for a peek of more pics of him..check out his cheeky little fluffy tail LOL so cute...I am planning a giveaway soon so keeping popping back so you don't miss this...Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend..*~*Blessings to all*~*

Saturday, 11 February 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend..I have spent mine finishing off more bear orders and grubby bears along with some prim goodies for Easter..these are all available on ebay this next week so just click the link on my side-bar to take a peek...It seems so long since I offered any freebie giveaway's so for Valentines I am offering up a free pattern...
This is a great fun pattern to make with simple to follow instructions including stockist contacts and just perfect timing for Easter..I am rubbish sometimes and have forgotten my password and wanted to offer this up now so sorry girls can't pop it on my sidebar...please leave me a comment and I will email it to you as a PDF file..I would also love you to be following too...Thanx for popping to hear from you all...*~*Blessings*~*

N.B..Some of you lovely girls have requested my freebie pattern but failed to leave any contact details..So please if you have not recieved your pattern and still want it send them along..♥

Sunday, 5 February 2012



Lots has been going on since I last posted which was around a month ago naughty naughty..I have quickly settled into my new job and I am enjoying it very much..Home life is very hectic at times as usual and work has started on our new extension so it is all go way out here in a rural countryside in the U.K..I am taking pics of the project and will share very soon it is so Eeekkkk exciting...
I am pleased to add some wonderful updated pics of my very dear friend Sarah's most of you know she was featured in the PRIMITIVE PLACE mag last summer which was so exciting for all who know her LOL..There has been lots of changes in her home since then and Oh I love them all..Her collections of old pewter and antique stone fruit all look wonderful...sit back and enjoy the pics..
pin away girls :) LOL..
 Just love the wooden bottle..
This stone fruit is fantastic
 Love the simple display
 Love these little fellows..
More stone fruit and pewter
I haven't been idle in my spare time these last few weeks and have been making some very prim grubby Bears and are some pics of my lastest ones which have all found new homes..

I have just finished up a couple more teeny ones for ebay this week and here are their pics...These little guys are the small size bears I make and are all around 5" sitting ..a lovely tuck in size LOL...
I hope everyone has had a fun weekend until next time..*~*Blessings to all*~* ♥