Sunday, 29 August 2010


I am well and truly on the mend now..After a set back and a bad allergic reaction to the drugs I am feeling more like my normal self..Another week of healing and then stitches out and physio so just a couple of weeks and I will be back in the work race LOL..I am finding it difficult and frustrating just pottering around so have been getting some Fall decorations out to cheer up the place..The weather has turned decidedly cooler and the feel of Autumn is here..I added some decor to my mantle..just a Bittersweet garland, some drieds and a couple of pumpkins from last year that I dried..
Drying the pumpkins wasn't to successful as I did start with 6 various colours and sizes and only had 2 that didn't go bad..On another note I tried everywhere to get some dried Sunflowers..not a one in the length and breadth of the U.K and the lady who had them in the States didn't ship international..So whilst out at the supermarket that week they had them on offer so bought up a few stems..I thought in for a penny in for a pound nothing ventured nothing gained LOL..I looked up on the internet how to dry them and followed the instruction..I didn't even look at then for 3wks and lo and behold when I got them out they were dried to perfection and have kept their wonderful colour..I am thrilled with them..
Next I just popped a few gourds into an old dough bowl and popped it on the table..I love the colours and so simple..
The next display I keep out all year and just move it around now and again..It reminds me of witches cats and they look great in this old painted swing handled basket..
I hope you have enjoyed looking at my little few Fall decorations and I will no doubt be putting a few more out and will share pics then..Hope everyone is having a restful weekend..*~*Blessings*~*XX

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


 I have been busy this week finishing up some NEW fall prims...I just love this time of year what with the Autumn colours and darkening nights..Feels all cozy LOL..I have added these to my selling blog DRAKESTONE PRIMITIVES COUNTRY STORE   just click the link to visit...

I am going to be out of action for abit..I am not really a one to go on about stuff so I will be brief..I have been a painkiller popper for the last 3 years with a shoulder problem..Finally as a last resort and after every other tried and tested medical procceedure LOL I will be undergoing surgery on Monday 23th..I am hoping I will be recovered in 2wks but everyone thinks this wishful thinking and the consultants time scale is 6wks in the worse case senario..Personally mine sounds better I think and nothing wrong with being optimistic eh..I have a stack of prim mags un-read and waiting for me to enjoy next week..I think I will still be able to oparate the laptop with one hand so will be checking up on everyone..I still have a couple of orders to finish but as I say there is still a few days left before I go under the knife :0(  ...I hope you all take a peek at my NEW FAll goodies and like what you see..
Hope everyone is well and *~*Blessings to all*~*

Saturday, 14 August 2010


This is the gate to my backyard..

Hi everyone
  This week has just flown by what with school holidays prim orders and new ideas for Fall..when it was first suggested to post pics of your *Workplace* I thought OH YEH and that was just the excuse I needed to have that all time clear out LOL..I am sure everyone is the same boat and sometimes have a real muddle going on..Anyway I got cracking and did the spring clean..
  When I made my prims and quilted I just had my machine at the back of my large barn sitting room..This wasn't practical really as I had so much stuff and had to put it away neatly everytime I worked..My hubby converted the loft space in the main house for me and now I am in heaven well I am pretty close up there LOL..I go up there and just create to my hearts content..I can walk away anytime my family calls and leave my work at any stage...I feel so lucky to have this space all to myself and would love to share some pics with everyone..

 This is my OLD FAITHFUL and I must have sewed miles and miles here  :)..

I do have a little bit of sunshine now and again..well I do live in the U.K.. HA HA..
And if I look out the window this is the view I get of my garden..
Now you can see some work in progress..Well as you know with work comes the coffee cup, scissors and the *organised* rive-up as we call it in geordie land..
  Here we have the all dancing and singing state of the art machine that does everything but get the kids to school and prepare a meal...
But as always back to OLD FAITHFUL....
Finished result..A*
Oh I do hope you have all enjoyed the tour of my *WORKPLACE* and now you can see where all my prims are designed and made up..
Have a great weekend *~*Blessings*~*

Saturday, 7 August 2010



Hi girls..

OH I am so excited..I have had the template to my selling blog created for a little while now and as I have been busy with Fall prims thought I would make up this little pattern just so I could post it on my new selling blog LOL..It is a $2.00 E-Pattern and when you have payed just click the **RETURN TO MERCHANT ** button to download..

I hope you will pop on by my selling blog to see what's on offer from time to time...Enjoy your weekend..*~*Blessings*~*

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hey prim friends I have been on a roll today..I have been making a few Fall/Halloween prims and have so enjoyed myself..I am taking part in a couple of swaps and have been inspired to create something new for my friends..It is funny when I get down to stitchin' how much I enjoy it and wish I had a few more hours in the day to do more lol..My dream is to give up the day jobs and spend my time stitchin' and painting all day everyday..OH how I dream..I have a pattern on offer as a free download for you stitchers out there..It is an ornie size *witch and kitty* which sit on top of a small bobbins..just great for tucking in on a shelf or mantel..pop on over to the side-bar and click the pic..
Talking of mantels I received my PRIMITIVE PLACE mag yesterday and OH MY I love it..The pics are just fab and I love the mix of recipes and crafty projects so much so while out shopping this morning I picked up some sweet potatoes and spices and made myself a garland..I have hung it too dry naturally and the smell is just gorgeous..the house is full of the spicy aroma..LUSH..
Here is the pic of my garland drying LOL..*~*Blessings*~*

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


On occasion I go to the most wonderful Antique place the only way to describe it really..It is held in an old victorian train station and along both platforms are the most wonderful Antique and Junky stalls..As I have been taking *time-out* last week it seemed the perfect end to my week..I thought I would share the pics with you..
Firstly a miniature Grandmother clock..The face is not original to the clock but I just love the simple case design and it tick tocks too LOL..And an old well used leather bible to add to my collection..
These post cards aren't antique but the designs are just fab and an old soup can..

Lastly an old cast iron gridle pan just perfect for my drop scones (a bit like a pancakes to my U.S friends)

This is my clock in it's new home in my Keeping room..just perfect :) ..
I can't believe another handmade from my hubby..When my grandbabies come over which is often this is the perfect table for their drinks and snacks but with my 2 youngest boys also it was a squash..So on my hubby's todo list I put simple stool for kitchen table and WALLA he came up trumps..The perfect size for 2 little bums LOL..well it's back to the grind for me now what with my day jobs an all but I have been working on a few FALL and HALLOWEEN prims too and will share soon..hope everyone is well..*~*Blessings*~*..XX