Monday, 28 January 2013



I can hardly believe we will be leaving January so soon.. This month has already passed by so quickly but has brought lots of different weather for us in it's few short weeks.. We have had warm and barmy almost uncanny weather here and then the extreme fell over night blocking us in for a few days.. With the schools closed and hubby unable to get out for work.. Lucky for me I was on my days off so didn't have to try and travel.. So we spent some quality family time with outdoor fun sledging and building snowmen and this year snowdogs too LOL..

This also gave me some ME space to continue creating some more ATTIC BEARS.. I am so hooked on these fellows and love their vintage look..
This fellow is on ebay this week.. For more pics click on the side-bar link..
This big Bear watches over me whilst I stitch and will be coming up for sale soon.. She is so sweet with her vintage fabric ruff and early 1900 Antique baby shoes..
This sweet Panda is now off to a loving home..
I have so much planned for this year and can't wait to share.. I have been doing abit of decorating and re-juggling in my home too so will do some pics of that too as I finish the rooms.. Waiting for fabric for soft furnishings... I have gone for a more simple look with lots of naturals which seems to enhance my collections LOL well you know what I mean...
Call back soon and *~*blessings*~*..