Sunday, 17 May 2009


It has been a while since I posted on my blog so I wanted to share my teeny bits with you... A couple of week ago I went to visit my dear friend Sarah.. She only lives 30 miles away and she and her hubby Steve are the creators of THE PRIM AT HEART can view there picturetrail at there prim home is just amazing and I always feel so welcome and at home when I am there... Steve made for me this teeny to scale downsized cubby.. It is just perfect and so detailed... When I came home I had to set to and make some tiny prims to dress this great piece... A very small patch doll and an even smaller sock doll plus seed bag... Then cover up a teeny box and finish with a downsized teeny elephant..After all that the gathering was perfect and I am hooked on the small LOL... I have also gone on and done a teeny pull-toy which is available on ebay at the go check it out and bag bargain.. we girls just love the thought of that HEHE.. Have a great weekend..*~*BLESSINGS*~* Angi XX

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sarah said...

that was so lovely from my very special friend, thank you and you are welcome at our home any time, our door is always open for you x
oh and i am so glad you love your little cupboard so much, you do have it looking great, lol. love sarah xx