Friday, 5 June 2009


I was just doing my usual friday chores like go get the fresh bread from the bakery and the meat from the butchers for the weekend and on passing our local charity shop thought I might take a gander (look around)..To my utter surprise I found this fantastic jelly mold for less than a quid (GBP)...Keeping tight hold I wandered a bit further and tucked away at the back another prim treasure..A great coffee grinder..

What really gets to me the most is..You bring 2 small items into your home and move 100 bits just to fit them in including large pieces of furniture LOL...

Enjoy the pics and your weekend...*~*Blessings*~* Angi XX

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MaryB. said...

Angi, love your blog. YOu lucky thing you... finding the jelly mold and coffee grinder! Our local charity shops never seemed to have great things like that when I lived in Sunderland!

Which part of Northumberland do you live in? I'm familiar with the coastal area. I lived in the northeast of England for nearly 40 years before moving back to the States.

I gradually moved into primitives through quilting and doll making.