Sunday, 13 June 2010


Every year for the past 40 years my Dad has visited this horse fair in Cumbria and now in his more mature years my sis and I feel we want to take him and just enjoy his company for this special day.. he has been a horse man and loved working with them at times in his life.. so I thought I would share this adventure with you all..We set off so early and got there at around 7am..It is around a 3 hour drive and yes that is my job LOL..The weather was just lovely and they were washing some horses down at the river when we got there..
Some horses being washed..
A caravan parked on the street..

The caravans are highly decorated outside and inside..A pic of my sis and my oldest son Allan..His first visit to the fair..He has his name down for next year too..
Some beautiful horses being driven up from the river..

In the evening we sat down by the river and to watch..Here is a young couple swimming with the horses..It is a long day and we left around 5pm but what fun spending quality time with my Dad ..He so loves it.. I hope you enjoyed sharing my adventure with me and my pics..I better mark my diary for next year eh LOL...Enjoy your week *~*Blessings*~*

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Angie Berry said...

Angi, that it is so sweet of you to take your dad since he's been going so many years. I sure he loved it so much! It looks like a fun fair to attend. What wonderful memories you all made on this day!