Tuesday, 3 August 2010


On occasion I go to the most wonderful Antique place the only way to describe it really..It is held in an old victorian train station and along both platforms are the most wonderful Antique and Junky stalls..As I have been taking *time-out* last week it seemed the perfect end to my week..I thought I would share the pics with you..
Firstly a miniature Grandmother clock..The face is not original to the clock but I just love the simple case design and it tick tocks too LOL..And an old well used leather bible to add to my collection..
These post cards aren't antique but the designs are just fab and an old soup can..

Lastly an old cast iron gridle pan just perfect for my drop scones (a bit like a pancakes to my U.S friends)

This is my clock in it's new home in my Keeping room..just perfect :) ..
I can't believe another handmade from my hubby..When my grandbabies come over which is often this is the perfect table for their drinks and snacks but with my 2 youngest boys also it was a squash..So on my hubby's todo list I put simple stool for kitchen table and WALLA he came up trumps..The perfect size for 2 little bums LOL..well it's back to the grind for me now what with my day jobs an all but I have been working on a few FALL and HALLOWEEN prims too and will share soon..hope everyone is well..*~*Blessings*~*..XX


Christine said...

Oh Angie, I love the clock! Lucky you for finding it!
And twice lucky for having a hubby who is able to make such beautiful pieces for you - it's a great size and shape!
Best wishes

A Primitive Place Magazine LLC said...

We're so glad you enjoy A Primitive Place Magazine!Prim Blessings~

Angie Berry said...

Nice finds, girl! I love where you put the clock... it's like the perfect place for it! That is a neat cast iron griddle, I love the hanger on it. It would look even better with scones on it. Lol!