Monday, 30 April 2012



I have had a trashy weekend so wanted to share what I have been making today... We had a few problems with the bathroom revamp so as much as I wanted too I cannot share pics just yet... well everything can't go smoothly and to top it off all 3 boys have been struck down with a tummy bug..YUK.. Today they are still off school but well on the mend so I have been able to do some crafting.. Like I said in my last post the boys new room decor is going to be simple, country with a vintage twist.. Hard to explain really but I can see it in my head LOL.. . I have a few vintage burlap sacks in my stash and wanted to make a simple rug.. I trawled the net looking for a tutorial and found the perfect one.. Here is the link
I contacted Jane to ask if I could share her tutorial and she sent back a lovely email with a great tip.. The rugs can be very light and slippery on hard floors so she suggested putting some non slip underlay beneath the rug.. I actually glued that to mine with spray adhesive which gives it a heavier feel and now makes it non-slip..
My rug turned out fantastic and I know it will look wonderful in the new bedroom.. Next on my list was a few more grubby cream painted boxes.. These will be on their way to new homes soon..
Last but not least a sweet simple hanging heart which I made to cheer a friend up as she was having a bad day.. She is not really into prims but I know this will look lovely in her home.. It is nice to just put a smile on someones face and let them know you care..
that's all for today and I had better get my nurses outfit back on and look after these boys..hope everyone has a great week *~*Blessings*~*


The Gingerbread Gem said...

Hi Angi

The rug is beautiful. I would like to try it but first I have to figure out where to find the burlap sacks.


Christine said...

Hi Angi! I hope this works - don't know what blogger's at today!
But I hope everyone is feeling better soon!
You've certainly been busy and how great is that rug! I love the stacking boxes too.
Hope you have a better week!

nancy huggins said...

Love the rugs and would love to make some but couldn't find any with the link you had :(
I have thought of some other things to do with feed sacks too

Firecracker Kid said...

Great idea that rug :) Oh no, tummy bugs are no fun. Hope they feel better quick. You are an angel to cheer up your friend. Stay as sweet as you are :o)

frontporchprims said...

The rug is so cool. Thanks for sharing the idea!! I am sorry for the lost weekend. Having sick kids is the worst. I hope that you stay well yourself. How thoughtful to make something for a friend. -Steph-

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Love the rug, the boxes and the heart! So cute!

Carmen and the Primcats