Sunday, 7 October 2012



My oh my where is the time going.. It is a true saying when they say it waits for no man.. The leaves have changed colour and now litter my garden everything is dying back to sleep throught the long winter and this morning Jack Frost had payed a visit.. A slight mist hanging in the air and everything glistening with frost.. Simply beautiful.. Life here is running smoothly and the boys have settled back into school.. My youngest is now at big school so a milestone there for both of us LOL..

I have not been idle these past few weeks and have been busy as ever creating my prims and sending them on their way to far off places around the world.. I was asked to do some exclusive bears for a customer which was such fun and it got me to thinking about doing a series of prim bears so *ATTIC BEARS* was born.. After all I do make them in the attic of my home in my workroom and most attics are real grubby places.. Well mine used to be anyway..

I wanted to give them a real look of age and a played with look with lots of mends and wear.. I am having so much fun with these using things from the past to help add character.. Like vintage baby boots and old buttons and keys.. I am sharing these 2 today with you and they are available on ebay later today.. Pop along and check out their pics..

It seems so long since it did a giveaway and I love doing them so needles and scissors are at the ready and I am working on it now.. I will share that this weekend.. Hope everyone has a fun week and *~*Blessings*~* to all..



The Gingerbread Gem said...

Oh Angi the bear is so cute with those boots! Can't wait to enter your giveaway!


cucki said...

awww such a cute bear..
ia m so excited for your giveaway too.
hugs xxx

Mary said...

Hi Angie, what wonderful new creations...I love that sweet little primitive bear...just primtastic!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
Hugs Mary

Christine said...

You have been so busy and creative, Angi! Those are the most adorable bears!
Best wishes

Beckyjean said...

Love them both Angi!! Beautiful!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Yep ma'am time isn't waiting for us across the pond either. Beautiful everywhere :)
Impressive and irresistible grubby bears... love them!

Heather Wise said...

That bear has the sweetest expression ever! He just begs to be loved! Ohhhh!

You are very talented! I am enjoying visiting your blog and admiring your work!!!!