Wednesday, 29 May 2013



With the schools out for the end of the Spring term and all treats well and trully exhausted I was grounded at home with the boys today.. They gladly occupied themselves with catching up with homework and playing on bikes.. I didn't want to start anything major as I have to stop often to make snacks and drinks when the boys are around.. I had bought this heavy metal drying rack a few weeks ago whilst out on a day trip with my sisters (oh what fun I had ).. There was some funny looks when I made this purchase in an antique shop LOL.. But I had a vision for it.. Hubz had fixed it to the wall for me but I hadn't done anything with it except fix a piece of slate as a chalkboard..

I had in my mind a chalkboard wall but the thought of painting the whole wall black really put me off as I want my kitchen to look light and airy and I also thought the drying rack would be lost.. So whilst blog hopping around I found the most perfect solution.. A Grey chalkboard wall.. Much more sutble and my drying rack seemed to pop..
I filled up my rack with some goodies and with chalk in hand I nervously made a start.. The boys were shocked I was writting on the wall LOL..
I love how it has turned out.. Not too much on your face with a soft funky kinda look and seems to blend with my junk too..
With still a few hours until I had to start and prepare our evening meal.. I went under the bed in the guest bedroom and pulled out these directors' chairs.. Another junk buy 2 for £5.00 an absolute bargain I couldn't pass up.. The only thing they needed was 1 small screw and some new fabric.. Which I have had for ages especially for them.. It was only time I was lacking oh and maybe other more urgent projects..
They look so different now all clean and fresh.. They are just waiting for some sun now then they can go out and do their job LOL..
Last but not least some Bears I have been busy with.. This Sweet little Grubby White Bear is now on her way to Germany..


And this Darling Black Forest Bear is available on Ebay this week.. Check him out on the side-bar link..
Hope everyone has a wonderful week *~*Blessings*~*


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Raggedy Creations said...

love your chalkboard wall Angi. What a cool idea.

Love the little black bear.