Monday, 21 October 2013

My painted Halloween


Living here in the U.K has it's down side sometimes.. We just don't have access to the wonderful white pumpkins so readily available in the U.S.. So this year to keep with the wonderful Farmhouse look that I love for my home I have had to get out my paint brushes and paint my pumpkins white then wax them to make them look authentic LOL.. I have kept my displays very simple for this Fall and Halloween and hope you like the look.. X

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed my pics... Have a wonderful day and *~*blessings*~*



Raggedy Creations said...

Love your simple decorating with the white pumpkins and I love your teddy too.


The Cloth Shed said...

What a good idea Angi... I was able to buy white pumpkins a few years ago here, but unfortunately that supplier has since gone.
Might have to get the paint pot out here too!
Julie x

Firecracker Kid said...

Hey, that'll work! Over here I think those white pumpkins are more expensive than the orange. So painting them white is an excellent idea.