Monday, 17 February 2014



After looking at lots of bedroom pics and son number 1 giving me the spec he wanted.. A definate no no for anything too old looking.. We cleared the very small 9'X8' room totally and painted the walls with Farrow and Ball paint.. Dovetail is the colour which is a soft subtle grey.. His new black cast bed was built and the bedding adding.. Layered black and grey with a pop of red.. Next he needed a work area for computing and study.. I had an old door which was from the barn before the conversion years ago and suggested adding black metal legs a vintage style lamp and retro red stool.. Perfect was the reply from son number 1.. The poster we thought would add colour too and stop it becoming to monochrome.. His window is tiny too so a simple blind was all that was needed and I couldn't resist popping one of my handcrafted Old Look Pull-toy Elephants on the sill.. Lastly at the bottom of the bed he needed his entertainment system in place.. We added a couple of red retro clocks to continue the red pops here and there.. He is truly thrilled with how it turned out and his clothes and shoes are all stored under the bed in pull out boxes..

I do hope you have enjoyed our make-over journey with a very simple slighty industrial and very inventive use of space style LOL..

Thank you for stopping by my blog.. *~*blessings*~*



Raggedy Creations said...

It turned out great Angi. TFS.


Firecracker Kid said...

Now that's an awesome boys room. Even with the pull toy :) I knew you couldn't resist leaving your mark. Only 'cause momma loves her boy :)
I love it!