Thursday, 27 May 2010



I wanted to share the story of the blackbird that lives at my parents home..They live on a small croft and when I was child we had a couple of cows, 2 goats full of character and of course loads of chickens..They have lived there some 40 years and now enjpy their retirement living a country style in the wall'd garden the blackbird built her nest in the shrubbery and after laying her eggs it was demolished by a weasel, her eggs were eaten and her nest torn to shreds..My dad noticed she had gone AWOL for a while..Life went on as normal and behold she reappead.. He looked for her nest but to no avail... So he sat out one fine afternoon and watched to see where she went..he could not believe his eyes when she disappeared under the hood of his old tractor and took a peek.. Just days before he had spent the day leading logs from the field across the way...

This amazing little bird was not going to be beat and knew this old tractor would be a safe place to raise her young..The tractor is out of action for a while until they all fly the nest....

My oldest son Allan taking a peek

I love my kids to see these amazing things of nature..not all a lucky enough to see things like this first hand... *~*Blessings*~* Angi XX


Christine said...

You are so right about the blessing of seeing nature first hand! I grew up on a farm and loved every minute of it. We are fortunate enough to live 'semi-rural' and still close to see it ourselves!
Great old tractor and very canny bird!

Firecrackerkid said...

This is so precious. We get bluebird families that come back every year and make their nests in our birdhouses that we built especially for them. I'm so glad you all are letting them stay until they leave the nest:)

Angie Berry said...

Oh my! How wonderful! I'm so glad the bird came back to try again. How sweet of your dad to put the tractor out of commission until the babies are grown enough to leave. Yes, truly wonderful for your kids to experience this!