Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I wanted to share this PRIM BED CANOPY with you all this wednesday...Today I have had a wonderful day spent with my very dear friend Sarah..A while back we talked about doing a bed canopy for her bedroom make over and a couple of weeks ago we went internet shopping in Germany to find the perfect linen fabric for this prim project..
her hubby Steve painted the room a simple cream colour and did the paint work a lovely dark mustard colour..we waited patiently for the fabric to arrive and last week it dropped onto the door mat..Steve made the wooden frame and attached it to the wall..this would hold the fabric in place..I travelled down to Sarah's today sewing machine in the back of the car and ready to start...

 We started our morning with coffee and a chat about how we were going to achieve the look she was after..With scissors in hand we made the first cut and just went from there..making it up as we went along really with a few giggles thrown in for good measure LOL..With the main back and side pieces done we began to attach them to the frame..

 Lastly the top pieces was sewn and fixed in place..
 With the bed pushed back in position this canopy looked prim perfect and took on a simple early colonial look teamed with her lovely bedding..

 Now to add her favourite pieces..A prim doll purchased from me at my Spring Gathering..An early framed sampler and pewter candle stick..
 I think you will agree it looks great and the linen hangs beautifully...the room still has a couple of items which need tweaked and a new window dressing which is in the pipe-line now..I will post some pics when this room is ALL finished..You will be able to view some of Sarah's home pics in the next issue of the PRIMITIVE PLACE MAGAZINE...I had such a lovely day and wonderful lunch with a very special friend...Thank you for dropping by and hope everyone is well..*~*Blessings*~*


Christine said...

Great job ladies!! ( Not forgetting Steve!)
Glad you had a fun day!
Best wishes

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Angi:) I love it! It look simply prim perfect.
My bunny arrived safe and sound and prim perfect too. I love it and have blogged about it too:) Hop on over!

nancy huggins said...

I Love it and makes me wish my Daughter was still real young and then I could try something like that in her room. You ladies did a great job :)
Come visit my blog when you have time :)

Angie Berry said...

Ok Angi... I was playing catch up on your blog and then I came across this post about your friend Sarah. I had to get out my APP magazine and check out her whole house! It was neat to see what her bedroom looked like before and now after you all did this, very cool. Great job! Then I got sidetracked going through the magazine again, lol. You are so creative to come up with ideas and "just go with it" as you proceed. I love that about you!!