Saturday, 12 May 2012



Well it is all go here with the paint brushes and rollers LOL.. I know I haven't been around this past week but it doesn't mean I have been slacking.. My bathroom and boys bedroom are both painted out and now just waiting for the skirting to be fitted and I can share the pics.. YIPPEE I here you say at last.. She has been saying that for weeks now HA HA.. I am now starting to paint and decorate my sitting room this week.. After stealing a few hours to myself today I thought I would update a simple wooden cupboard..

Firstly I rubbed back the cupboard and removed the shelving.. All plain and wooden and ready to be updated..

Next I painted 2 base coats.. Farrow and Ball paint the colour Bone..
I replaced the shelving and rubbed back the paint to show wear and then waxed all over.. After it was dry I buffed it to a nice low sheen finish..
I put the handles back on and popped a few prim goodies to showcase the cupboard..
My own set of prim worn stack boxes. A vintage rag ball. A handpoured scented wax sheep with lots of other vintage goodies collected and gifted.
I love the colour a dirty cream/grey/greeny and a great worn look and it is sitting perfectly in the corner just waiting patiently for the rest of the room to be updated.. I do hope you like the paint-job and I will share this room soon....


I am totally buzzing I have now reached 300 followers and I am planning a great giveaway this week to celebrate.. Check out over the next few days to see what I am offering.. Enjoy the rest of your weekend..*~*Blessings*~*




Christine said...

Hi Angi! I did miss you but wow! you really have been busy!
I LOVE how your shelved cupboard looks with a new paint job!
Great job!
Can't wait to see pics of it all!
Best wishes

SisustEllen said...

So lovely. White paint just makes miracles :)
Have a happy mothersday (in my country it is today)!
With hugs and greetings from Finland <3

Firecracker Kid said...

Happy Mother's Day Angi! You made that look easy, but I'm sure you worked up a small sweat... lol. I love it! I love the buffing part, but the dust gets in my nose...ack! I think you're moving at a faster pace with your room than we are with our front porch project... LOL. Dem bones... gettin' too old for high speed.

Prims By The Water said...

Love your copboard redo. Looks awesome! Take care,Janice

Ladybug said...

Love your New Project.. You did
awesome job !!! Enjoy

Many Blessings

The Gingerbread Gem said...

It looks great Angi! The pictures say 'so much work in so little time'. It looks so easy, but I know it wasn't. It's a lot of work. That's why I've never started such a big make-over haha :-).


Annelein said...

What a great job and... congratulations with over 300 followers!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Love the paint job....When you're through there, can you come lend a hand here? Seems our projects aren't even getting off the ground....why does everything have to be so difficult?? :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin