Tuesday, 18 June 2013



It is such a lovely day here in Northumberland I thought I would share some pics from around my yard.. You must remember this is a family home so if you look closely you will see the odd bike wheel and Guinea-pig cottage LOL..

I live in a stone built house which was built around 1830.. The stone from Harbottle Castle was used to build my home and most of the houses in Harbottle.. It was at one time a cobblers shop which was situated upstairs so on the outside of my house the stone steps which still excist today were used to access the shop..

The beautiful Peonies that lie at the bottom of the stone steps..
And the wonderful running water troughs my hubby made from natural stone..
Through the gate my dad made to keep those rascally children in LOL
Another hubby make the stone sundial..
The walls and steps up to the top garden were all done by my hubby too.. A handy chap to have around..

My yard looks so nice today when the sun was shinning I just had to share.. Hope enjoyed the quick tour.. *~*blessings*~*



ScarecrowCabin said...

Beautiful pics Angi. Love the stone steps in your garden.

Betsy's Basket Blog said...

I would love to see a big pic of the whole yard, love all the stone ... sewing machine is very cool as well. Where do you live? England? Just gorgeous!!

Raggedy Creations said...

Your garden pics are soooo pretty Angi. Thanks for sharing.


Earlene Landis said...

So glad you shared with us!!!!
The rusty sewing machine is a very cool idea.
I hope you have a wonderful summer Angie.

Firecracker Kid said...

Cool history of your house! I love the old stone domiciles. Isn't it great to be able to sit back and appreciate all the beautiful that you have in your life :)


must love junk said...

Oh, I love all of the fantastic things in your yard-it's got so much character! :)

Nita Stacy said...

I loved this tour of your garden. Looks like your home is old...is it? I'm all about older homes...especially cottage ones. Mine was built in 1931.